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Is the paint for the chip repair permanent?

Yes the paint used is permanent factory car paint that is custom mixed for your vehicle. It is not a water base or wax fill.

Will I still see the chips once it has been repaired?

Yes, you will still slightly see them however we fill the larger chips level with the original paint and exact match of your vehicle and the salt and peppering of your vehicle you will not see at all.

How long does it take to cure?

It cures right away, however it needs to set, so your vehicle can not be preasure washed for 24 hours.

How long will repairing a vehicle take?

Between two to three hours. It is a same day service.

Can you match any color?

Yes we are trained color technitians and can match any color including metallic.

How much experience do you have?

We have 5 years experience, two pint chip repair specialists on staff.

Can you fix deep stone chips?

Yes we will build up the paint to surface level so there is very little notice.

What id there is rust on the chip?

We clean all the rust out and remove any excess, then we fill the chip with paint. By sealing the paint it will also keep the rust from spreading.

Do you remove scratches?

No we do not remove scratches, we have a glaze we use to remove the scratch from the eye it will blend in to the color but it is not permanent.

Can you remove scuff marks?

We remove pole scuffs that have left black marks on the bumper, door scuffs from paint of another vehicle, we remove tar and tree sap, but we are not dent repair and cannot remove a dent where there is a chip in the paint.